Newton’s Nuggets

A podcast and a vlog with a difference. We interview interesting people from the world of business, entertainment and very often from cyber security.

A podcast and a vlog with a difference. We interview interesting people from the world of business, entertainment and very often from cyber security.

So why are we in the shower?! Well it represents a number of things:

  • Entertainment – we like to make things intersting and often funny!
  • You can’t see what is going on in the background, what scam are we pulling off?
  • You can listen to us in the bath – thats right, the podcast is available where-ever you get your podcasts from!

And the number one thing from Newtons Nuggets? Every guest provides one nugget of information that will be useful or interesting to our audience.

Where things all started – silly and entertaining videos with a nugget of useful information. 

To this day we film every episode that goes on to YouTube

I know, us two muppets have had some amazing guests, which can be the only reason we have made it onto Apple!

Yeah, that’s right, we are on Spotify too! Who would have thought it? But its very popular on there.

Why you should get involved

With a growing fan base, obviously, the promotion of you and your business on Newtons Nuggets is a great marketing tool. But it is so much more than that. Here are some of the benefits people get out of Newtons Nuggets as a guest:

  • People often only see one side of what you do – very often they discover other things that you do
  • People get to see a face behind your business
  • It’s a great platform for launching a new project
  • Your existing audience will often engage and it is great for revitalising your followers

“I had an absolute ball on Newton’s Nuggets. It was a wonderful way of really giving an insight into me and my business like I’ve never done before whilst also giving away a few hints and tips. Work shouldn’t really be this much fun BUT it is. Thanks guys x”

​Chris Dawes, Scruffymonkey Web Design

What We Need From You

Having done this for a while, we have seen that people get out of this what they put in. Here is what you need to do to make your Newtons Nuggets episode a success:

  • Your 1 Nugget of information
  • Promotion
  • Promotion
  • Promotion

It really is that simple. We only have interesting and entertaining people on the show (we will be the judge of that, its not necessarilly the loud ones!), so we keep it relaxed and chatty. But the more you promote, the more you will get out of it. 

Register To Be A Guest

We are really lucky to be able to say that we are getting a lot of requests to be guests on the show. Anyone that knows us will tell you, we would just turn this into a mess if we didn’t have a process! Please fill out the following form and you will get added to our list of potential guests. 

This is a bit of a commitee decision, with a lot of factors involved in the decision making (often just timing). So please do not be offended if we do not add you on straight away. 

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