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Welcome To MentalTheft

Paul Newton, under the brand MentalTheft has become the biggest voice for bridging the gap between cybersecurity experts and the average person. As a charismatic and exciting entertainer, Paul wow’s and captivates audiences, all whilst educating them on the issues of scams, theft and cyber security.

Loved by industry experts and everyday people alike, Paul and his team are helping to increase security and to fight crime.

What is MentalTheft?

The truth is, cybersecurity is a dark, confusing and murky world of techno geeks that the average person, employee or even business owner cannot fathom. So they may pay some lip service, but in reality they ignore it and hope it goes away. 

Right up until they have a £10,000,000 bill to pay, or have had thousands of pounds stolen. Then they pay pretty strong attention to it. 

MentalTheft has entertainment and engagement at its core. We know how to make people listen! There are a band of security and cyber experts chomping at the bit to keep everyone safe, but their message just isn’t getting out there. MentalTheft is here to engage with real people, so that they understand the threat; we then connect them with the solutions that are going to help to keep them safe. 

The Four Pillars of MentalTheft

MentalTheft has determined that the experience of both businesses an individuals with cyber crime is as they walk past the four pillars of MentalTheft; Motivate, Educate, Protect and Maintain. Our aim is to expidite the Motivate to get people educating so that they can protect and maintain their cyber security, ultimately staying safe from cyber crime.


People are only going to do something about cyber security if they are really motivate. We will motivate them.


You can’t protect yourself from what you don’t know about. It is time for us to educate you about cyber crime and scammers.


Protect yourself from cyber criminals. We will help you to choose the right people and the right tools to stay safe.


Safety is about ongoing protection and making sure that you are still protected as time goes on. Find out how to maintain you security.

Pricing with a Difference

Our aim is to help as many people as possible stay safe from scammers and cybercrime. So our pricing is not based around the services we offer, it is about what kind of organisation you are. Large corporates get corporate rates, so that we can go people with no budget for free. This means that we have charged customers anything between nothing and tens of thousands of pounds. Let’s talk about your needs and we will work with you provide a personalised quotation.

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