We are excited to announce that tickets are now available on our store for a new show! Owing to the success of the last event we have been thinking of doing another show – so here it is!


Time: February 27, 2020 7:30 PM London

Where – Online via Zoom

What is an Outstore event?

I know what you are thinking, what on earth is an Outstore event?! This is where Jesse needs a bubble to explain (read the book if you dont know what Jesse’s bubbles are!). We need to look back to the before times, where we could go to places, in fact in the even before that – when we would go to record stores to buy Vinyl and CDs… (please explain to your kids). Artists, when they release new music, would go to do stores at shows, taking merchandise to sell and promoting their new records. If they couldn’t fit in the store they may play outside them, such as in the parking lot, and thus this would be an outstore. When lockdown started to relax in September 2020, normal gigs were not allowed, and people were still not able to go to shops, so artists would set up outstore gigs, where they would perform outside to a limited number of people, with tickets including things such as merchandise and early releases of the records.

Buying Tickets

So, as the name suggests, we are holding a magic show, with varying ticket options to allow you to see the show, plus get your hands on merchandise, the books and even our new T-shirts.

Check out the store to buy tickets

Watch the announcement

If you’re still confused, watch the announcement that we made live here:

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