The public speaker that will steal your sh1t!

The Keynote Speaker With a Difference

I am extremely well known across the UK and even the world, both as an entertainer and as a businessman. Having spent years working in Business Networking and in performing magic, I moved into being a Keynote speaker with a difference.

​Hire me for your event to draw in a crowd and to have your guests leave talking about their number 1 event of the year. 

What I speak about

I specialise in the security of the mind – any IT guru will tell you that the weakest link in any security system is the user. 

​I provide an entertaining and thought provoking talk around security, showing people that I can steal their pin numbers and personal details. 

​Through years of work in the industry, I have built up a big collection of experiences and stories which will help people get into the mindset of theives, hackers and criminals. This mindset will help people and businesses stay safe.  

Pricing with a Difference

Our aim is to help as many people as possible stay safe from scammers and cybercrime. So our pricing is not based around the services we offer, it is about what kind of organisation you are. Large corporates get corporate rates, so that we can go people with no budget for free. This means that we have charged customers anything between nothing and tens of thousands of pounds. Let’s talk about your needs and we will work with you provide a personalised quotation.

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