Public speaking as the keynote speaker at big events with 300 people are what I live for. Not just because of the big audience or the prestige, but because normally speaking people dread having a keynote speaker at events that they are at for fear of boredom! I love this as its an extra challenge – can I win around an audience that doesn’t want to be there?!

The BNI Big Breakfast is a big event that brings together a lot of local (ish ) businesses for networking and education. Although breakfast meetings have an air of fun, the reality is that BNI is about serious business. Which is why most of the 300 people who hadn’t already seen me had faces that dropped as I introduced myself as a magician that would be talking for the next hour!
Neither I, my videographer or Alyson Roach who booked me were worried! Here is the trick that got them on side…

The Calculator Trick

Placement – I can place ideas in your head as quick as a flash – as someone in the audience called it – Inception! Here is the first trick that got everyone engaged:

But it wasn’t just magic tricks – an hour speaking spot actually involved some speaking. I spoke to the audience about a lot of ideas and stories that I have experienced in my line of work and how people are very often the weakest point of security. The buzz was fantastic and I received a lot of fantastic feedback from the event.

“When I was looking for a guest speaker for my BNI Hampshire Big Breakfast I asked some key people for recommendations and James Potter introduced me to Paul. When I looked at his profile I knew immediately he would be great as what I was looking for was someone not BNI related who my members might learn something from. He certainly did not disappoint and kept us all enthralled during his presentation. There is nothing better than leaving the audience with food for thought and the need to rush out and buy a protective wallet…..”– Alyson Roach, Executive Director BNI Hampshire

“I met Paul briefly a few months and he blew my mind within 5 minutes. Seeing him on stage on Friday for 45 minutes was another level of entertainment but also education! Paul commands the attention of the audience with his humour and sharp wit but also it’s fascinating to hear how he tests a company’s security! I would highly recommend Paul as an entertainer and also to any company that thinks they are secure as they can be – I am betting they would learn a lot from Paul!”

– Sally Hindley, Experienced Mortgage & Protection Advisor/Mortgage Broker at Harrison Gray

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