Matthew Stirling talks getting his kit off

Do you remember that magician guy that ripped his shirt off on Britain’s Got Talent? Do you remember the time the rock beat up that guy in the police questioning room? Well, I remember him from a lot of hazy nights as a teenager, and years of friendship. That man is Matthew Stirling.

The new format of Newton’s Nuggets is me interviewing a whole host of interesting people, and we are kicking this off with a bang! Matthew Stirling is one of the nicest people in the industry, there is a reason why his imdb profile has more on it than most actors! I really wanted to find out how he has kept his feat on the ground and managed to not to turn into a Diva. Watch the video here: out Matt Stirling Youtube


New to Newton’s Nuggets, we have made this episode available as a podcast!

Thanks to Jesse

Thanks, as ever, to Jesse of JLawrence Photography for bringing this all together and making it happen!

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