Cyber Security: It’s time to get motivated to stay safe from cyber crime

Cybercrime Public Speaker – Get Motivated

It can be hard to get motivated to do something about cyber security. Generally seen as an overhead, the uncertainty and cost of protecting your business means that it is often ignored or at best paid lip service. Which is why cybercriminals have turned the UK into a multi-billion pound per year hunting ground. MentalTheft is here to make you feel like doing something about it.

I will steal your stuff. In front of you. After I have told you that I am going to do it.

The Public Speaker with a Difference

My role as the UK’s no.1 Cyber Security expert is not to implement IT systems. This means that I am focussed on one thing – motivating the audience to actually do something!

As an entertainer, I know how to grip an audience, as well as to emotionally trigger them to not only motivate them on the day, but ongoing. In this way, everyone will have cyber security at the front of their minds.

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