Oh WOW!We just did a recording for Newton’s Nuggets and OH MY GOD! THIS GUY!!Ladies and Gents I want to introduce you to Mr Rory Innes.
He’s amazing!

Seriously what a lovely guy!

He’s the founder of a company called The Cyber Helpline and he’s trying to help people who have been hacked in any way – And there are a lot of ways!
He (and his team) are trying to support anyone and everyone that has become the victim of an online fraud but there are a few issues.
Before lockdown he was getting 100 calls a month. He’s now getting over 400!

And the range of different scams is just staggering!

So please go have a listen to the podcast, or a watch on youtube.

It will be worth your time!!



Rory Innes is on a mission – to help people who are victims of cyber crime. It’s such a common problem, but what do you do when something happens? The police can’t help, and most of the government organisations are busy helping businesses who have had multi-million pound ransomware attacks. Well thankfully Rory and his band of 55 experts have produced the cyber helpline: https://www.thecyberhelpline.com They, like us, are trying to remove the stigma of cyber crime – our lives are now online. But if you are embarrassed, don’t worry, you can use the bot on their contact page, so that you can be completely anonymous. https://www.thecyberhelpline.com/contact-1 This is an incredibly important service, but as a not for profit they are struggling for funding. If you would like to support this amazing group of volunteers, check out: https://www.thecyberhelpline.com/donate You can even become a sponsor – so give me a shout and I will introduce you to Rory. Buy the MentalTheft book from here in the UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MentalTheft-Your-mind-weakest-link/dp/1838254102 Anywhere else in the world, go to Amazon as usual and search MentalTheft (one word). To be a guest on nuggets, sign up here: https://www.mentaltheft.co.uk/newtons-nuggets Thanks as usual to Jesse for making the magic happen: https://www.jlawrence-photography.co.uk Thank you to our sponsors: https://www.genio-accountants.co.ukhttps://aerice.com

As usual, check me out on: https://www.mentaltheft.co.uk#newtonsnuggets

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