This is not a blog that I want to write, but I have just heard that a 92 year old lady has been “injected” with a fake vaccine and charged £160 by the scammer for doing so. The full BBC article describes how they are now searching for this scammer.

The scammer told her that he was part of the NHS and was there to administer her vaccine – he said that she would be charged the £160 now and it would be refunded by the NHS. He even went back at a later date to try and get another £100 from her. This is not the only scam going on – there are even fake messages.

Protect yourselves

It is important to protect yourself agains scammers, especially at times like this where there are high levels of emotions. Scammers will play on your fears, they will try to get as much as possible, as quickly as possible and then they will get out!

Even if you think you are savvy, you need to be wary – but please make sure your friends and family are safe too.

Real Vaccine Information

So how do you tell what is real vaccine information and what is a scam?
PLEASE only trust your GP around vaccine information – there are so many lies and untruths going around on social media at the moment is it hard for anyone to find out what is really happening. The roll out of the vaccine is going to be tough, and the further our NHS gets stretched then the longer it will take! We have to be patient and know that things will happen in time.

With regard to vaccines, only your GP should be contacting you, as they will be booking you in to do the test. The NHS are the only people administering vaccines, and they are free – you do not have to pay deposits or fees.

What to look out for in COVID Scams

ANYONE that says they are from the NHS but then asks for payment is 100% a scammer! Please be wary right now – AND TELL YOUR ELDERLY FRIENDS AND RELATIVES!!! Scammers tend to target over 65s – it is thought that 2 in 5 of over 65s have had a scam attempt of some sort on them.

As a follow on to this, scammers are currently doing mass text messages saying that you are eligible for the vaccine and you just need to click this link to make your claim – PLEASE DON’T CLICK THE LINK!!! It then takes you to a very good looking but fake NHS page which asks for your debit card details just to “verify your billing address” again PLEASE DON’T!!!

Quite nicely of them they promise they won’t take any payment from the card……. It’s just to verify your address……. Honest. To find out more, here is the link to the BBC page about that scam:

Finally – Be Aware

The best defence agains scammers is being aware and alert. If you or a loved one is not switched on to scammers, then try and help them to understand. The MentalTheft Book is aimed at helping people to understand the dangers whilst being a good read.

I also released this article with a free downloadable guide to scams that are prevelant during the lockdown. Please love each other and look after each other!

Please love each other and look after each other!

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