Todays podcast (also available on YouTube) is all about reflection.

We’re looking back at how the Nuggets got started, what we’ve done so far, where we’re at now and what the future holds for us.
It felt like a great way to start this new year.

We get to look back at some amazing guests, people who’s time was worth way more than our little show could handle, but they decided to take a chance on us! We get to think about all of our amazing sponsors who have made it possible for us to continue making this funny little show!

2021 is full of a lot of hope for me. I really hope we get to do live events again. I really hope that Nuggets continues to grow! I really hope that MentalTheft takes off in the way that it should have in 2020. I really hope the book continues to do well. And I really hope that we manage to help a lot of people out there who blatantly need our help!

So what about you? Where are you aiming for this year?

Let us know what you’re up to and what your plans are for the year!

Love you all!

Stolen from The YouTube:

At the start of 2021 we recorded this Newtons Nuggets episode (before the third lockdown was announced!). We reflect on what Newton’s nuggets started out as, and what it has become.

It is a show of entertainment, business and anti scammers – weird how my show has become a description of my life eh?! Oh and Jesse even gives us not one but two nuggets!

See Jesse’s ridiculously popular video – no he doesn’t know why either!

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