Suicide. It’s a horrible subject, an emotional subject, a nasty fear filled subject. But it’s a subject I think we need to talk about more.You see the more we talk about things the easier we find it to talk about those things! Suicide is one of the things we talk about in this nuggets. Dom nearly did it (years ago). I nearly did it (years ago) But thankfully neither of us went through with it.
Others do.

Now I’m not a trained psychologist in this subject, and I cannot claim to know how to stop so many suicides in this world, but I do know that if we let people talk about their feelings more then we can help a lot more people.
The thing that worked for myself and Dom? We found our tribe. Dom found his through sports – Rugby mainly! And I found mine through theatre. Finding those other people who loved the same things as me made my life so much better, happier and more colourful!

If you’re going through a rough time, if you’re thinking about the unthinkable, please talk to someone! In the UK you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or their website is just here: Please don’t do this alone.

Love you all.


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Dom Fenton is truly inspirational.

We weren’t sure that a sports fanatic would be ideal for the Nuggets crew, as we are more familiar with sitting and eating! But the point of what Dom is doing is not just playing sports, it’s about helping young people find somewhere that they can learn how to be themselves.

Despite being a bubbly and upbeat person, this is occasionally an emotional Nugget, and one of the most important ones that we have done.

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