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Cyber Security: How Long Is A Piece Of String?

Cyber security strategy is difficult to understand, and it is difficult to decide how much is enough. As a large business, the possibilities are endless, but the budget to do something about it isn’t. Introducing Aerice Consulting.

A Cyber Security Project That Meets Your Needs

Aerice Consulting are experts in delivering cyber security solutions to businesses. Their way of working is different to other consultants, with an understanding of how to deliver successfully from the customer perspective.


Aerice start by aligning your business to a baseline of standards. With this they build a comprehensive plan to implement whatever you require, including what can be done in house, by Aerice or by a third party. This means that you will have a clear scope, not an infinite piece of string.


One of the main drivers for implementing a cyber security project is to reduce the risk of potential costs to the business. So why would you accept an uncertain cost for the project? With a clear scope, the costs associated with a cyber project are clearer and can fully budgeted. 


Once there is a strong understanding of the needs of your business, we can work with you to set up a timeline for what is required, whether that is through our services, third party suppliers and your own team. The way in which we work means that projects are on time and very often quicker than you imagine.


Aerice believe that change should be owned and driven by the organisation and not be ‘done to’ an organisation. With this in mind, they ensure that any change in process or activity is done so with knowledge transfer to the business as usual teams from the very start. In this way, the solution is fully integrated.

Stuart Owers

I am exceptionally personable in my approach and hold my close trusted networks in very high regard and believe it’s of paramount importance to know each one of them personally and to meet on a regular basis, I am a firm believer that personal connections can improve every industry. 

Dev Sharma

I co-founded Aerice Consulting with a vision to redefine the business of consultancy based on a firm belief that consulting clients should receive more value, achieve tangible outcomes and have a better overall experience.

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