Has Your Email Been Hacked?

“Twenty-three percent of AIG’s cyber insurance claims in EMEA in 2018 were for Business Email Compromise attacks. A further 18% were for ransomware incidents.”*

*Information from CSO

Be Aware

What if I told you that you could continually monitor ALL of the email addresses of your organisation to see the risks that your business faces? That you will get actionable insights from easy to read reports?

And all of this for just £50.00 per month?

Introducing Fresh Security

  • Discover data that has been leaked
  • Visualise security weaknesses
  • Easy to read reports to focus on the priorities
  • Reduce the time it takes to secure stolen accounts
  • Educate your team about security breaches
  • Track your team’s progress in completing security tasks

Free Report and Trial

Insert your email address and the Fresh Security system will check the status of your business.

Within minutes you will be emailed a personalised report, with a link to a 14 day free trial, with no need for card details. 

If you decide to continue getting the security and peace of mind that this solution provides, it is only £50.00 per month. 

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