Educate about Cyber Crime

Cyber Security Education

If you know what a cyber criminal will do, it can be easier to protect yourself. At MentalTheft, we provide a range of options to help educate, so that you can protect yourselves.

The MentalTheft Book

Learn all about how thieves, scammers and cyber criminals work and how you can stay safe against them with the MentalTheft Book. Perfect for anyone, this book is easy to read and full of information.

MentalTheft Club

Join our membership where you can get all of the latest news, advice and updates from the world of cyber security. We have expert speakers as well as special offers on a range of cyber porducts. Corporate deals are available, so you can keep your staff informed.

Scam of the week

Find out all of the latest scams and hacks with scam of the week. Every Monday Paul goes live on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. We also put the scams on the blog.

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